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i. ircles

ee ircles n he aper
on't now hy hey re here
at y oogies ith heese
omething s ot ight
y rain s oo ight
aragraph n y ockets
noopy ants he alt
mell ircles
mell ircles
lant ircles
tuff hem p y ose
mell ircles

ii. ectangles

ound o
orners it e
an e n ectangle?
enators eed e
atch y angaroo n harge
an e n ectangle?
oger arts nto he ir
ats ay oo uch eanut utter
s e n he ectangle?

iii. riangles

unning hrough he erds f iraffes
ars reeting he iaper slands
rog ags nd inston hurchill
mell riangles, ot ircles

ut n appy ace
hey annot istinguish etween endrick
retty uch eavy ats nd hunder
mell riangles, ot ectangles

iv. arallelograms


v. entagons

mell ircles
mell riangles
mell ectangles
mell arallelograms
mell pheres
mell ubes
mell quares
mell vals
on't mell entagons


from Incoherent Brain Dump, released October 22, 2016
Ken Robinson: all music and vocals



all rights reserved


Superluminal Pachyderm Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Superluminal Pachyderm is an experimental progressive rock project created by Ken Robinson in 1999.

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